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A Meet-and-Greet (M&G) is required prior to requested date(s) before a reservation can be accepted. It is recommended that we be contacted to set up a M&G as soon as possible to determine if everyone is a good fit. If you request a meeting last minute, and something does not work out, you will not be giving yourself enough time to make other arrangements (worst-case-scenario). The first M&G is free and will take about 30-minutes give or take. Any additional meetings will be subject to our 20-minute drop-in charge. If a M&G is scheduled with too short of a notice, it may be subject to a $20 charge.

Please review our other terms below:

  • We must have a key to provide services, unless a keyless entry is to be utilized. We recommend two (2) key copies be presented at the time of the M&G. If the keys must be picked up or dropped off at a later time, there will be an $10 fee charged for each pick up and drop off of the key. We will NOT retrieve/leave keys in an unsecured location such as under a doormat, flower pot, etc. We will NOT leave keys locked in the home on the last visit. This is in the event of an emergency situation or late return home, we may continue to provide care to your pets as needed. You may purchase and use a lock box to avoid fees if you do not wish to provide keys at the time of the M&G (recommended). If keyless entry is used for access, be prepared to provide information for back-up options in the event of a malfunction/power outage.


  • Dogs require at least 2 visits a day. Other small animals and cats may only need a minimum of 1 visit a day.


  • We do not offer "every-other-day" visits as they will not allow proper care for the pets. We do not charge based on the number of pets, rather we charge based on the time it takes to care for them. A visit may take longer due to the number of pets and level of care. Additional charges for time are made in 10-minute increments. Rest assured, however, that every reasonable effort will be made to complete the service within the specified service duration.

  • We MUST be notified of ALL pets in the home where services are provided, regardless of their care needs or non-needs! It is important that we are aware of ALL pets in the home even if we are not providing care to them, this way we can conduct a "welfare" check on ALL pet(s) to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Note that we do not charge services based on number of pets, we only charge for our time!

  • When care for the pets is shared with another person or another person has access to the home and will be making visits during the service period, Fueled by Fur Pet Care (FBFPC) must be notified of this arrangement! We will not be liable for any damages or mishaps that may occur under these circumstances since we would not be the sole caretakers in your absence. If we discover that job-sharing is taking place without notifying us, all liability of FBFPC is forfeited.


Fueled by Fur Pet Care reserves the right to refuse service to any person for any reason. No deductions shall be made for late departure or early return of the Client.


A 50% minimum deposit is required to hold a booking when the total invoice is equal to or greater than $200 and is due at the time of booking. If payment is not received within 72 hours of the booking, Fueled by Fur Pet Care reserves the right to release the requested dates. Once the deposit is made, the dates are confirmed and reserved. The remaining balance is due immediately on the last day of services. All bookings must be made a minimum of one (1) week in advance (15% surcharge may be assessed if booked less than minimum), unless otherwise specified. Bookings will be accepted or declined based on availability.

Service Area

The first 10-miles of travel to your home to conduct services are free. A charge of one (1) dollar will be added for every mile thereafter for each visit to your home. Other charges may apply for travel over 10-miles depending on actual distance and travel time.

Refunds & Cancellations

You will be eligible for a full refund  and no charge upon cancellation at any time up to two (2) weeks prior to the start of services. All cancellations made after two (2) weeks, up to one (1) week prior to the start of the requested services are only eligible for a credit in the amount of the required deposit or half of the total invoice if the amount is less than $200 (required deposit = 50% of the invoice total). Any services cancelled after one (1) week will render the deposit non-refundable, no exceptions.

No deductions shall be made for late departures or early returns.

Additonal Charges

Additional charges may include the purchase of necessary items for care of the pet including but not limited to: food, litter, cleaning supplies, transportation, unexpected visits and emergency medical care. 


Fueled by Fur Pet Care will submit any receipts with the invoice after the services have been completed.

A 25% holiday surcharge per visit applies to all holiday bookings and are required to be requested two (2) weeks in advance

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